XCMG successfully exhibited in China (Xiamen) International Construction Machinery & Building Material Machinery Exhibition

April 12, 2010

From April, 8th to April 11th , 2010 Xiamen International Engineering Machinery & Building Material Machinery Exhibition was held in Xiamen International Exhibition Center. It is the first  time for XCMG to take part in the exhibition with 14 units top level products in the industry,which demonstrated XCMG's image of the leading role in the industry . At the exhibition ,sales contract of 2.54 million yuan was signed, and 600 million yuan cooperation intention was reached.

The exhibition attracted XCMG, XiaGong and other domestic construction machinery manufacturers as well as Japan, Korea and other major foreign construction machinery enterprises and engineering machinery parts producers, and thus 250 exhibitors showed the exhibition ,with the area of 20,000 square meters, and raising nearly doubled, compared with the first one's area of 10,000square meters.

XCMG attached great importance to this exhibition, although this is the first time for us to join it , we put a lot of effort, with nearly 1000 square meters exhibition area, bringing the 14 units represent the industry's top level product, including QY70K-1truck crane, HB48B concrete pump, LW300F loader, ZL50G loader, XS142J single drum roller, XS202J single drum roller, XD122 Double-drum roller, XP262 pneumatic roller, GR165 motor grader, WZ30-25 backhoe loader, XT750Skid Steer Loader, LW188 Wheel Loader, 10 tons Truck Mounted Crane , 17 meters aerial work platform. It brought the world famous QY70K-1 crane, in a mature and reliable basis for mining and port industries, with the basic arm extended, increased lifting, greatly increased the efficiency; XD121-2 Roller, using the most advanced high-frequency vibration technology, uniform compression technology to ensure a high level of road compaction quality requirements; GR165 motor grader, had a number of national patents, configure advanced.Market share of these products are more than 50%.

During the exhibition, party secretary of Xiamen, Mayor Yu Weiguo, chairman of China Construction Machinery Association, Qi Jun, editor of "China Industry News" Yang Qing, President of the Association of Vietnamese contract projects, the Director of the Indian project contractor,Ma HuSudan, he chairman of Chinese Association of Indonesia,Central Java, Fuxin Guo, president of Taiwan Engineering Construction Industry Association , Wang Zhouting and other guests visited the exhibition XCMG.Customers from Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Singapore and other ASEAN countries, and more than 300 professional businessmen from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, more than 100 businessmen from China and nearly 23 provinces2000 professional clients visited XCMG stand.

During 3 days , XCMG has signed sales contracts of 2.54 million yuan and reached  600 million yuan intention of the contract, of which 70K truck crane, XS202J single drum roller, HB48B concrete pump,LW188 Wheel Loader, GR165 motor grader, 10-ton truck mounted crane, 17-meter aerial work platform and other products, in all 11 units exhibition products have sold out , other products have reached the contract intention with clients.

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