High-integrity XCMG participated in Bauma Munich 2010

April 26, 2010

          From April 19 to 25, the 29th International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines, Construction Vehicles and Construction Equipment held in Munich, Germany. XCMG,carried a whole new batch of newly developed products to participate in it , receiving wide applause from international clients and audiences.

          XCMG,namely Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group, is the longest Bauma Participator of Chinese Construction Machinery industry. XCMG,with the possession of 15000 employees and consists of 16 factories, has always been the leading construction machinery manufacturer and provider in China for 19 years since its establishment in March 1989. XCMG is the most competitive and influential construction machinery conglomerate in China with its most complete assortment and series of high-quality construction machinery including construction mobile crane, crawler crane, wheeled loader, road construction machinery, road surfacing and maintenance machinery, compaction machinery,earth moving and loading machinery, heavy trucks, altitude fire-fighting trucks, tail-lift trucks, stake trucks, special vehicles, concrete, mixing trucks, concrete mixing plant, among which cranes, road rollers, pavers, loaders, excavators and other products hold a large market share in the domestic market and rank high in China's export volume. Especially, truck cranes' production ranks first in the world.

        XCMG is the world's 10th largest construction equipment manufacturer according to the 2010 edition of the 'Yellow Table', International Construction's unique ranking of the industry's largest companies. During this exhibition, XCMG sent the latest products at the same time to participate in the exhibition,and also sent a large team of technical talents to observe and learn, with an open mind to learn from internationally renowned companies. Keeping abreast of the latest international construction machinery developments, XCMG hoped to make more direct communications with European customers. With a better understanding of European localization requirements on construction machinery, XCMG will make more solid progress in its internationalization strategy.

         XCMG with its long enterprise culture and rigorous work style, won the respect of foreign competitors. During the past 30 years , it cooperated with Caterpillar, Liebherr and other world famous enterprises in joint ventures. XCMG introduced a large number of advanced technology to achieve its products' innovations, especially in truck cranes and rollers .Recently, with the cooperation with the South Korean Doosan, XCMG has become the only one engine manufacturer in China's construction machinery industry , which will bring XCMG one step closer to its world-class enterprise goal.










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