XCMG successfully launches 1000-ton crawler crane

June 07, 2010

        On May 29th, the 1000-ton crawler crane was only one of hundreds of new tech equipment released from the XCMG workshop. The successful release marks the arrival of XCMG to the thousand ton crawler crane research and development.
Leading Technology
        With a maximum lifting capacity of 1,000 tons, the boom length, tower jib length, and lifting torque surpassing the technological standard and the ease of dismantlement, assembly and transporting loads, XCMG’s 1000-ton crawler crane is superior to similar products. The crane not only utilizes a removable, split turntable, a super-lift counterbalance tray, large tonnage crane and arms and 20 other patented technologies, it also employs a split body structure, multi-drive transmission and six key core technologies. From the perspective of safety, its unique use of a dual-action technique guarantees the safety of the lifting arms, the configuration of the anti- tipping gears also prevents arms from tipping due to oil cylinder retreat. All operations have double protection and crucial movements are covered by triple safeguards.
        The thousand-ton crawler crane’s technology-intensive, innovative nature is not only part of XCMG product strategy of “Three High & One Large”, but also the key to competition against overseas rivals, and a response to a demand of domestic pioneers. It is the start of entrepreneurial breakthrough in technology and part of a dynamic growth.

        Industrial Accumulation 
        XCMG officially entered the crawler crane industry in 1995. Three years later, QUY150, the first product over 100-ton level with self-IPR, was released into the market. In 2003, the biggest 300-ton crawler crane, dubbed the “largest crane in China” was successfully released. In 2006, the 450-ton crane came smoothly off the production line. In 2008, the 650-ton crawler crane entered the the limelight at the Bauma Exhibition. In 2010, the 1,000-ton crawler crane was successfully produced by XCMG. A path of persistent self-innovation and in-depth research guarantee the steady development of this industry. XCMG has created 16 series of products, ranging from the 35--1,000-ton level.
        Presently, XCMG makes use of the crawler crane design software, jointly developed with academics, which produces calculations and measurements with swift precision. XCMG’s crawler crane parts’ digital control processing ratio is over 80%. The digital control processing of larger components, which go through a thorough working test, 125% static load tests and 110% dynamic loading test, guarantee the effectiveness of all components.

        Occupying Height of Development
        For meticulously thought out and stable products, XCMG implements a win-win research mode through establishing partnerships with reputed domestic and overseas academies and institutions to form powerful, specialized, R&D teams. They focus on in-depth research of the general designing plan, analysis of structural calculation, control system, hydraulic pressure technology, technology of information systems and altogether, six major systems. XCMG attaches high importance to the professional, research of crawler crane with devotion and concentration, endeavoring to become leaders in development in the industry
        Earlier this year, XCMG established Xuzhou Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd.Building Machinery Co. from the height of strategic advancement by separating crawler crane and pump car operation for the sake of further developing the crawler crane sector with use of massive investments in terms of talent, resources, equipments, etc. XCMG also supports professional development and service by setting up integrated distribution service networks nationwide and pushing forward the service plan of “Golden Partner”, aimed to comprehensively answer the demand of crawler crane clients. From Jan to Apr, 2010, both the sales volume and revenue growth of crawler crane products surpassed the industry average.
        Wang Min, board chairman of XCMG and Party secretary, commented that the successful release of the thousand-ton level crawler crane marked another milestone on the road of “Three High & One Large”. Looking ahead, XCMG will invest more in the innovation of technology, management and markets, lead product development following the strategy of “Three High & One Large” and create the “Globally Competitive International Enterprise that the Chinese people are proud of ”.

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