XCMG 450ton crawler crane shining in Hexi Corridor

July 13, 2010

        Wind power construction is flourishing, in Dunhuang, Jayuguan, Yumenguan and the entire Hexi Corridor and on the infinite ancient Silk Road.The past vast wasteland has become the promising land of development nowadays.
        XCMG crawler cranes ranged from 450ton, 350ton to 50ton have been spotted on countless construction sites of wind power. XCMG is boosting the construction a national 10,000MW-grade wind power base.

        Yumen City, the cradle of the wind power industry in Gansu Province, fulfilled a wind power installed capacity of 1,086MW in 2009, ranking second among the top 100 new energy cities nationwide. This year, the city will increase the installed capacity by another 1,000MW to take the total wind power installed capacity to above 2,000MW.
        At present, in Yumen, known as the Wind Power Three Gorges, there are total 4 sets of XCMG QUY 450t crawler crane, 1 set of XCMG 350t crawler crane and several small-tonnage crawler cranes in support. In addition, on the vast land of the Hexi Corridor, a batch of XCMG crawler cranes are working in collaboration, including QUY300 in Jiuquan, QUY450 in Guazhou and QUY50 in Jiuquan. The picture shows a 450t crawler crane is conducting the lifting operation.







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