Lovol Overseas Service Skill Competition Closed

March 08, 2019

Recently, the month-long 2018 Lovol Overseas Service Skill was successfully closed. The competition included such categories as theory, practice, components and training, with a purpose of examining the comprehensive ability of service engineers and the capability of service team in coordination and improving overseas service level of Lovol.

In recently years, Lovol H.I. has been promoting in a steady manner the upgrading of the full value chain including R&D, manufacturing, marketing and service and has been actively making friends with countries in Southeast Asia, Africa and Europe along the Road and Belt, following the strategy of “steady promotion” and focusing on improving its product adaptability and service level. Now, Lovol has organized an international service team with rich experience and powerful techniques for overseas markets and has built a “fast, efficient and comprehensive” customer service system. It can provide full-range service before, during and after sales for all overseas customers through services of markets, components, training and technical support. The team members will be deployed to those respective foreign markets for long time to provide thoughtful service.

The competition has two parts, the preliminary level and advanced level. As an overseas service engineer, the capability of foreign language and professional expertise shall be a top priority. Through preliminary level, 15 entered into advanced level which is divided into individual and team competitions. The design of the advanced level was aligned to the actual skills required in service, with focus on the comprehensive capability of service engineers. The engineers will be especially examined on their capability on relation maintenance of distributors and customers and the planning of service events through the module of “trial treatment under service scenario”.

Now, the customers care about the performance and quality of products and focus on the service quality of enterprises in their purchase. Lovol pays high level of attention to the satisfaction of customers and strictly follows the service principle of “focusing on customers” in order to settle all problems of customers through quality service. Lovol will focus more on the improvement of personal capability of overseas service engineers and the construction of overseas service teams, establish comprehensive service system and provide overseas users with more quality service.

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