Lovol Tractors: A Happy Harvest for Ukrainian Farmers

March 08, 2019

The autumn in the plain district of Ukraine is refreshing, and the air is full of fruity fragrance.

In a farm of suburban Dnipro, the owner Hal Richard was driving his beloved Lovol tractor packed with potatoes on a country trail. He was humming a song with a pipe in his mouth. Seeing Lovol after-sales stuff, he stopped the car and greeted them warmly: “Hello! My Chinese friend! I hope to see you back to my farm again!”

His kids gathered around, each holding big potatoes in their hands. “Check! How beautiful these potatoes are! It is another fruitful year!” Hal Richard said, laughing. “Come on to my tractor! I will take some pictures of you! Show these to those lovely people manufacturing this lovely machine back to China!” He took out his phone, and recorded the joyful scene. His wife beside joked, “Look” He is bragging again!”

Ukraine is home to a great plain of black earth covering about 1.9 million km2, roughly two thirds of its land area and one fourth of the world’s total, thus one of the three countries with most black earth in the world. Extremely lush black earth and favorable climate make Ukraine abundant in grain and fruits. Crowned “Breadbasket of Europe”, Ukraine is the third biggest grain exporter across the globe, and agricultural output accounts for over 20% of its GDP.

Such a vibrant market with huge potential attracts Lovol to become, since 2004, strategic partners with major farm machinery distributors locally, and set dedicated office in Ukraine for business investment and operation. Lovol tractors, since their appearance on the Ukrainian market, has been popular among local farmers for their attractive form, excellent performance, outstanding cost performance, and considerate after-sales service. They have magic effects in making more money for Ukrainian farmers. Continuous product upgrades in recent years make sure that all field operation needs are satisfied, and a complete network of branding and marketing has taken shape in Ukraine. Lovol tractors are simply stars to local users, and their first choices.

“Tractors have a promising future on this vast black earth of Ukraine. The past 20 years has witnessed the miracle of Lovol. The new-generation tractors with innovative form have made Lovol brand and products known and accepted by more and more users. Lovol and its middle and high-end products are contributing to the overseas awareness and reputation of Chinese brands. At the same time, they are boosting agricultural development in Ukraine for a stronger economy and a better life for Ukrainians.” said the head of Lovol Office in Ukraine. (Song Bingshan    )

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