XCMG Mining Excavators Performed Well in Mongolia

March 01, 2019

Wearing gold coating, XCMG’s XD900D mining excavators were working on a gold mine construction site in Mongolia, showing the strong power of made-in-China products. 

XE900D mining excavators of XCMG

Large mining machinery is known as the Crown Pearl in the field of engineering machinery, which is heavily competed by major manufacturers of engineering machinery in the world. 

To the surprise of international manufacturers of engineering machinery, XCMG, by using its bestselling XD900D mining excavators, made breakthroughs in the mining market featured by fierce competition. 

XD900D, the peeling machinery working in a gold mine in Mongolia, has worked for 2,100 hours in just three months, meaning it works nearly 23 hours per day. Rough calculation finds the machinery would work more than 7,000 in one year. 

Even in the extremely cold weather in Mongolia reaching minus 35-40 degrees Celsius, the equipment attendance rate exceeds 90%, which is far higher than that of same-tonnage products of famous international brands. The clients were amazed by China’s brands. The reliable product quality also wins the trust of local users. Till today, four other XE900D excavators are now working in a large open-pit coal mine in Mongolia. 

To ensure the product attendance rate, XCMG has deployed its after-sales service engineers to be stationed in the cold mine construction site, so as to provide the 24-hour babysitter service. They overcome the difficult living conditions and bad weather conditions in the mine zone. By making great efforts, they safeguard the quality standard of “leading technologies & everlasting products.”

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