Zoomlion Welcomes 2019 Spring through Innovation-driven Planning for a New Future

March 07, 2019

Zoomlion held the kick-off event themed as “AI EQUIPPED TO NEW HEIGHT GREAT FUTURE CREATED WITH ZOOMLION —— FORGING AHEAD IN 2019” in Zoomlion Science and Technology Park in Changsha, Hunan on February 14 (the 10th day of the 1st month in the Chinese calendar), welcoming the “good start” of a new year in exciting and brilliant lion and dragon dances and sonorous and forceful percussion instrument sound. 

Meanwhile, Zoomlion organized departure ceremonies in various parks throughout China, with the business sectors of concrete machinery, mobile crane, engineering lifting, construction hoisting machinery, aerial working platform and firefighting vehicle.  Star products with a total value of over 250 million Yuan departed from such industrial parks as Zoomlion Lugu, Quantang and Wangcheng and were delivered to customers all over the country. 

Zhan Chunxin, the party secretary, chairman and CEO of Zoomlion, together with Zoomlion executives, gave “kick-off red envelopes" implying prosperity in the new year to every Zoomlion member, encouraging everyone to strive ahead and innovate with a new mental outlook to harvest new achievements.


▲Kick-off event in Zoomlion Science Park

Over one hundred of cranes departed like a flowing river from Quantang, Hanshou and Lugu Industrial Parks of Zoomlion simultaneously and were delivered to customers throughout China. mobile cranes cover 8 kinds of star products including 25t, 35t, 55t and 80t ones, and crawler cranes involve 10 sets of large-tonnage products such as ZCC1800H and ZCC8800W. Zoomlion Mobile Crane Co., Ltd. embraced a good start in 2019 by achieving sales of over 150 million Yuan.


▲Over one hundred of cranes are departing like a flowing river to all parts of China


▲Zoomlion crawler cranes are departing

As the market heats up, it is understood that Zoomlion has kicked off the work in various industrial parks across the country since February 9 (the 5th day of the lunar year), delivering new products to customers throughout the country to start the prosperous year of 2019.

The new, smart, environment-friendly, green and efficient 4.0-series products with a total value of over 40 million Yuan, hung with red flowers, slowly drove out from Lugu Industrial Park of Zoomlion, heading for east China, north China, southwest China and other parts of the country in the early morning of the 7th day of the lunar year. The leading products of construction machineries of Zoomlion such as concrete ones showed increasing market competitiveness with the market shares steadily rising in 2018. According to Zoomlion's relevant persons in charge, the output value of concrete machineries is expected to usher in sustained growth this year.


▲Zoomlion concrete pump trucks are driving out from Lugu Industrial Park slowly

Zoomlion construction cranes have embarked on a new journey of "pursuing sales of 10 billion" since the opening of the world's largest intelligent tower crane factory. On February 11 (the 7th day of the lunar year), tower cranes and onstruction Elevator worth more than 30 million Yuan set off from the park to different parts of the country to contribute to local infrastructure construction.


▲Zoomlion tower cranes are setting off

In Wangcheng Industrial Park of Zoomlion, the fleet loaded with nearly 100 sets of aerial work platform products set off slowly to east China, central China and other places, delivered to customers, achieving a good beginning of the Chinese Lunar Year for Zoomlion Aerial Work Platform Machinery Co., Ltd. As the youngest business segment of Zoomlion, Zoomlion Aerial WorkM Platform Machinery Co., Ltd. will focus on the long-term development and production of new outstanding high-quality products, build a high-end brand in the industry and lead the industry to upgrade by actively seizing market opportunities, thus to realize a new era of intelligent manufacturing in 2019.


▲Nearly 100 sets of Zoomlion aerial work platform products are setting off

At the same time, many elevating platform fire trucks, water tower fire trucks, urban fire trucks, foam fire trucks and emergency rescue fire trucks with a value of over 30 million Yuan set off from the park of Zoomlion Fire Fighting Co., Ltd. for Tibet, Hebei, Guangdong, Liaoning, Chongqing and other places.


▲Zoomlion fire trucks are setting off from Wangcheng Industrial Park for customers

In the New Year 2019, the production and operation activities of Zoomlion are in full swing and all the industrial parks are full of Vitality, as all Zoomlion members have thrown themselves into work with full energy.


▲Zoomlion agricultural machinery production line is busy for orders

Zoomlion enjoyed a full and rich year in 2018 by accelerating the transformation of old driving force to new one, comprehensively entering a new stage of high-quality development. In 2019 which is a new starting point for the new stage, Zoomlion will create high-end sophisticated products for global customers by adhering to the innovative concept that "technology is the root and products are the fundament" and integrating into the market with a more positive attitude. Also, Zoomlion will lay the emphasis on intelligent manufacturing to create values for customers, thus to achieve symbiosis of resources and industrial ecology. At the same time, Zoomlion will strive to create a new highland of the world's equipment manufacturing with a more open vision.

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